50 Colleges Persuasive Essay Topic Just for You

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When you are in college things are little different. Yes, a school uniform doesn’t bother you anymore. Yes, you don’t have to read the subject you are not interested. Yes, you are a free bird there. Entirely new life with new friends and environment, you were waiting for.

So many things are there to do in college. Right? But when comes to study its’ level is also high. Don’t rush to college fun life. The pressure of study only intensifies with your level of degree. May be subject are available according to your choice but the pressure is higher than you imagine.

I know you have written multiple times of essay starting from elementary to high school. Persuasive essay topics are always tricky to choose. But you did it well. But when you are assigned with your first persuasive essay, it is important. You can’t just take a normal topic to write. This holds your first impression to your professor. And it is also your first assignment, you have to score well.

Don’t get a heart attack. As I said, it is hard to find college persuasive essay topics but not impossible. The thing you need to do is choose your interest. Try to write about highlighted topics or controversial topics. Don’t play safe when you are finding college persuasive essay topics.

Following in this blog I’ll narrow down some college persuasive essay topics which will help you to find more ideas.

Persuasive Essa

  1. Artificial intelligence a gift or a curse?
  2. Secure your life and stay away from social media
  3. Cloning and GMO is a revolutionary discovery in science.
  4. Do you think that depending on technology might be a risk of our future generation?
  5. Using laptops is beneficial for us or not?

College persuasive essay topics in the healthcare section:

  1. A new invention in genetic engineering can be the cure to cancer?
  2. Awareness campaign in smoking and drinking affect in people life?
  3. How to prevent leukemia?
  4. Anxiety and depression are now every child problem.
  5. Mental depression can affect the growth of a child.
  6. Drink wine for a healthy life.
  7. Are Medicare supplement plans important to buy?
  8. People should take attention to physical health issues as well as mental health issues.

Education & Career based persuasive essay topics:

  1. Online homework help for a college student is right or wrong?
  2. Students’ assignment pressure leads them to depression.
  3. We should be friendly and welcoming to the students in student exchange program.
  4. College should give full security to the foreign students
  5. Fees of college should lower so that every middle-class family child can get a better education.
  1. Companies should prefer the students from e-learning.
  2. Why is it so important to get a college degree to become professional in some fields?
  3. Choosing a subject in college will decide your career further.

Law, political and justice based college persuasive essay topics:

  1. US government should take control of overpopulation by law.
  1. Why it is compulsory to serve in the military.
  2. Payment amount should be lower for lawyers.
  3. Adoption is good but by gay couples! Are you agreeing?
  4. College premises are not for the drug so be careful.
  5. Punishment of a drug dealer should be higher.
  6. Things must do to become a successful politician.
  7. Fulfill your childhood dream of becoming president and put your first step here.
  8. What the world will become if Hitler is still alive?
  9. “Family person