7 Essential Elements of Project Based Learning

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You have certainly created different projects being in your high school in different subjects. Did you have ever cared to enquire what Project Based Learning actually is? Or why your school had emphasized mostly in making you busy in making different projects? Hopefully you never did. But you must be surprised to hear it that there are some psychological points working behind adapting this process.Project based Learning (PBL) is basically the alternative of the Paper Based Learning. It can consider being the implementation of bookish theories in strategical way within the classroom environment. PBL offers a student a broader way to improve communication with practical world. To be more precise, it acts as a link in solving the real difficulties and thereby letting him or her capable of gathering intense motivation in learning. It is rather a strategy to make students savvy with reality and its application.

Basic Elements of Project Based Element

A complete break up structure of PBL is a fervent strategy that initiates students learn, understand, analysis and apply their ideas. There are some specific elements need to be taken care of while justifying the necessities of Project Based learning., such as,

1. Necessity of Knowing

A teacher is responsible of activating the requirements of students’ involvement in a project. To most of the students, schoolwork often appears to be meaningless and thereby irritating. They barely hold interest to know why all these are being taught. As most of the students these days are craving for marks they should not pay any heed to anything. In order to make these restless students concentrated and motivated, necessity of practical experimentation is felt. If students can be inspired to study in realistic way, it is sure that they must find school learning interesting. Live discussion on a topic, video presentation, on field trip is possibly the best quadrants to let the students shine.

2. A Question to be Answered

Once the students find interest in learning its lesson, and pays attention in the class notes, it is expected that they will nourish their thoughts and rouse effective questions. Besides, a teacher in order to turn students’ attention has to use questioning method. However, it is to be taken care of that the questions are open ended and must be connected to core of the subject matter. It can better be stated as summarizing of the whole learning. The project question essentially derives best from a student.

3. Response of the Student:

More a student dips into the core of a subject, more active role it expects to perform. Classes are indeed needed to be interactive. A teacher has to design the project only to bring forth the best form a student. It is better if the students itself choose their topic or area for the project under the guideline of the teacher. Role of a teacher is needed to be completely supportive in this scenario lest the student cuts its interest short. Ending the choice with an active note is another prominent approach that lets the student perform essentially well.

4. Learning Skills of the Modern World

The project, adapted by the student, has to pave way for modern essential skills, such as, communication, critical thinking, predominant use of technology, cooperation and other basic criterions. Opportunity of a student in this field appears to be the most important purpose needed to be fruitfully served. The teacher is responsible for embedding these qualities in a student. The PBL environment, whether being in a classroom or somewhere else, is the coherent factor to build the essence of the student. Both mental and physical appetites of a student are needed to be fruitfully satisfied that would let them study properly.

5. Inquiry, Analysis and Innovation

When a student is able in answering questions and can derive questions itself from the text it can be presumed that an in depth knowledge of the subject is gained. It helps them developing the actual background of the subject. It also assures in ascertaining creative solution of the tended problems. Besides, a teacher is also responsible of creating space for innovation and opportunity. The classroom culture and environment need to be more convenient. A teacher is expected to coach the students with their new findings and insist them finding out new ideas.

6. Feedback and Revision

This step is better called as ‘critique’. It lets a student mentally prepare to analyse its own work and the work of its fellow classmates. Self-monitoring process is another significant tool that helps the student to monitor the group performance. Needless to admit that first attempt of a student does not always stand successful. However, trying hard makes a student successful in its attempts. Having been in a group, exchange of ideas is another proficient approach helps the student to gather core ideas of the subject.

7. Public Presentation

Making the project public is considered to be the most typical stage among these all. This element is considered to be an opportunity for a student to connect with third party. A student for the first time experiences the real life evidences and real obstacles are faced. However, as a student has already practiced how to handle the difficulties, it leads him or her to be confident before all resistance and look for ways to resolve it. As the primary demand of the common audience is quality, more a student focuses on it more success is attained. Undoubtedly, this final element leads a student to become ready for accepting the professional challenges.

Project Based Learning makes you fulfilling two basic aspects: first, it leads to gain an in depth knowledge of the subject, second, It makes them ready to adapt rigid professional challenges. Successful accomplishment of a project succinctly embeds both these qualities. Approach of PBL in a broader scale leads you to savvy with the cross-curricular factors. Besides, it insists the dormant qualities in you to sprout to blossom. As a student needs to underpass unconditional challenges, its effect prepares him to embrace difficulties. This article presents each of these aspects and following these elements it is expected for a better outcome.