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Solving assignments and submitting them are two of the toughest things that a student faces in her or his academic life. However, assignments, these days, have been mandatory and are a part of internal assessment in almost all institutes. The problem reaches its peak, if the subject is Accountancy, which is also known as Accounting. This brings Accounting assignment help as the one-step solution to all your problems.

Identifying need of assignment in accounting

Accounting as a career finds place in every industry, be it Healthcare, Retail, Information Technology or any other. A skilled accountant is the one who possesses the ability to record and analyze all monetary transactions perfectly. Due to the immense importance of this field of employment, this course is designed to have series of assignments, so that students get to practice ample number of questions.

Topics taught in the subject accounting

The basic topics of study in this subject are Accounting cycle, Costing based on activity, Constructing balance sheet, Petty cash book, Amortization, Auditing, Cash flow statement, Bank reconciliation, Bookkeeping etc.

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  • Accounting is not only merely a mathematical subject, neither it is too theoretical. It is in fact, a conglomeration of the two. Take the example of balance sheets. In order to draw a perfect one, you need to have a strong hold of mathematical formula plus fair amount of understanding of credit, debit, assets and liabilities.

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