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What is administrative law?

This is a legal subject that covers the administrative part of the government. There are various subtopics present in the subject and the subject is regarded as one of the exhaustive subjects. The areas of adjudication, rulemaking, and national enforcement agency do come under this law. Various divisions of administrative law are as follows

Waste management

Proper disposal of waste is an important thing that comes under administrative law. The penal charges that can be imposed and the penalties that an industry should be given if they violate environmental law all fall under the purview of administrative law.

Wildlife safety

The safety of endangered and other species fall under administrative law and penal charges that a person would get when they encroach into a wildlife protected area and indulge in killing falls under this law.

Water pollution

The issue of water pollution is not simple as it seems. There are many factories who would be releasing chemicals into water and this would affect the marine life.

Air pollution

Air pollution is not only caused by factories but polluting vehicles are on the rise. Use of chemicals in public place also comes under air pollution and stringent laws made under this section come under the administrative law.

Property tax

Every government globally depends on property tax to generate much-needed revenue and administrative law clauses are used well to generate property tax.

What are the generic problems of administrative law?

The common problems are the 

  • Overlapping of sections under various laws
  • There are always updations of laws that can take time to get implement
  • There are sections that can be used in two different situations and a clear understanding should be there
  • Not properly understanding subject- A student may not have understood a subject well and there would be scope for less interaction in class.

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