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ADRS is an abbreviation for American depository receipts which are primarily introduced by the American bank. They are open or negotiable. The world’s strongest economy has invented it, and it has the following distinctive features.

  1. They are traded on US exchange rate.
  2. They are distributed by US dollars and the securities of the US financial establishments.
  3. ADRS signifies the no of stocks held by a country in term of stocks.

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Prime importance of ADRS

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Different types of ADRS

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  • Level 1 ADRS – The foreign company does not allow to put them in their exchange list.
  • Level 2 ADRS – they are listed but have more demanding criteria for it.
  • Level 3 ADRS – this type has more weight than the other 2 as it enables to raise more capital from the US monetary market.

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