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Are you suffering with accounting? Can’t understand a word of journal entries? Well, then opt for the advantages/ need of journal homework help, and resolve your problems. At help me in homework, we help you out and try to strengthen your basic foundation. We make you understand how the journal, which is a book that records all financial transactions, works and how it impacts the company and such other aspects.

Types of journal entry 

There are various types of journal that are used to maintain and record any financial transaction made. Listed below are some such types which confound students and make them opt for advantages/ need of journal assignment help:

  1. General journal
  2. Sales journal
  3. Cash payment journal
  4. Purchase journal
  5. Sales return journal
  6. Purchase return journal
  7. Cash receipt journal

What are the advantages of journal? 

For all the students wondering about what benefit could a simple journal entry provide with, well there is news. A simple maintenance of a journal can benefit a company profusely in the long run. Wondering how? Well, listed below is how:

  1. All financial transactions are recorded in a journal and any entry can be easily located as it is maintained chronologically.
  2. The authenticity of a journal entry can be identified based upon the receipts and bills from which the data is recorded.
  3. The entries are made into a journal with a bit of a description so that entry into a ledger doesn’t require any explanation.
  4. The possibility of a mistake in journal is very slim as a double entry system is used.
  5. Any mistake in the ledger can be rectified with the help of journal.
  6. Journal expedites the cross checking of ledger accounts.

What is its objective? 

Want to know the objectives of a journal? Well, with advantages/ need of journal assignment help you can learn how. Listed below are some of the purposes associated with the maintenance of a journal in a company:

  1. It is important as it records all financial transactions.
  2. It is used to prepare and maintain ledger accounts.
  3. It is used to record all transactions in a chronological order.
  4. It records all the necessary information associated with a financial transaction and used as evidence.

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