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Definition of Cost of Equity

Equity, also referred to as shares, is the asset of the company, where different buyers buy assets of the company on a certain value, though which the company raises its capital for expansion of the company.

Therefore, cost of equity can be defined as the calculation of the rate of return on an investment made by the company.

Approaches to calculate cost of Equity

There are basically 3 approaches to calculate the cost of equity:

  1. Dividend price approach:

The cost is calculated by dividing dividends per share by market value of per share.

Cost of Equity = Dividends per share/current market value of share * 100 (for percentage)

  1. The earning/price approach:

This approach will show co-relation between total earning with market value per share.

  1. Realized yield approach:

This approach is the advanced version of Dividend price approach. This approach includes analysis of past payments of dividends, and then growth rate, in percentage, will be added to the earlier formula. The main difference would be dividend per share will be the real value, and not the expected value.

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