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Are you stuck completing your assignment on capital structure? Trying to understand various facets of this subject? Are you trying to interpret various approaches to determine capital structure? Well, you could do with some approaches to determine capital structure homework help. Capital structure is an integral part of corporate finance. It helps find out the right proportion in which debt and equity should be mixed together to produce a successful firm.

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What are the approaches to determining capital structure in a firm? 

As capital structure theory involves the financing activities through different approaches, thus, it becomes important to learn about the said approaches. There are essentially four approaches to determine capital structure which you can learn about approaches to determine capital structure assignment help. These are as stated below:

  1. Net income approach: In this, Durand suggested that any change in financial leverage would lead to change in cost of capital.
  2. Net operating income approach: It states that weighted average cost remains constant and capital cost and value of any firm are not dependent on the capital structure decision.
  3. Traditional approach:It puts forward an idea that capital cost is a function of a capital structure.
  4. Modigliani-Miller approach: This has two propositions. The first one states that capital structure and the value of any firm has no correlation. Whereas the second one states that financial leverage increases anticipated future earnings.

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