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Computer science is the study of the experimentation, engineering and theory that shapes the foundation of the plan and use of computers. It is the practical and scientific loom to the computation and its applications.

Students who have taken up computer science need to understand the formation of all types and parts of computers. Thus, it can be concluded by saying that it is a subject that deals with practicality often explained through theory. However, many students who in the name of assignment help for computer science are opting for immoral means to get their work done.

How are students being helped?

Taking a simple help from the teachers or siblings in assignment is very common and helpful too. However, some sites on the internet have taken this help a step ahead. Many websites in the name of helping students in their homework are misguiding way of how work is to be done.

These sites offer assignment help to students in their homework in exchange of some money. Most of these sites, which deal in such homework helps, are frauds. They offer help take the money and do not submit the work and those who do is often of awful class.

Reasons why these helps harmful for students

Students seeking assignment help for computer science should keep in mind the type of subject computer science is. Taking help from online sites is nothing but holding them back from learning something new. There are reasons why such helps are considered bad for computer science learners.

  • Hampers the practicality of subject-

These sites offering helps hampers the way a student can deliver the work based on his capability. They fall short of answers when they are asked to show their work on a practical platform and the reason being to seek help for theoretical work from such websites.

  • Students fail to evaluate their abilities-

Those who opt for such helps often fail to evaluate their abilities. Homework assignment is the only way where a student can put all his ideas and innovations and prove his abilities.

  • Unfair for other students-

This mean of getting homework done by paying is very unfair for learners or the students who spend nights and days to present their assignment on time to their respective teachers or professors.

  • Judging the quality of work is difficult-

Students getting assignment help for computer science from the websites fail to judge the quality of work and this leads to bad scores.

  • Problems in examination-

Getting the homework done without making effort to do can lead into the same situation during exams. Where you cannot get help from such sites and fail to plan an answer.

Websites offering such helps are at fault, but those who keep on knocking at their door for help and  teachers who burdens their students can be  another reason why such websites work. Parents should appear, guide their children in such matters. This would prevent them from taking unfair means and help them to perform in the long run.