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What is Capital Structure?

Teachers define capital structure as the superset that includes all long-term funding of an individual company. It includes all Debentures, long-term loans, preference shares, etc.

In other words, it denotes the permanent finance part of companies. Now this capital comprises of two types;

  • Owned capital- The business owners own investments.
  • Borrowed Capital- given by creditors, investors, banks, etc.

There are of course various ways of raising these different types of capital. For instance, if you are a company that needs long term capital; then you issue

  • Shares, or
  • Debentures

You choose whichever one that feels more profitable. Teachers at our institution can equip you with all requisite skills to fine tune these principles, thoroughly. You will find that our Assumption of Capital Structure Theories assignment help is extremely easy to understand.

What are the assumptions relating to Capital Structure Theories?

Students must keep in mind that these principles are based on certain assumptions. In other words, you must first assume some relationships; which will help in implementing this strategy.

These assumptions are;

  • There are mainly two types of capital; either its debt or its equity.
  • The company will exist for an indefinite period; in other words perpetual succession.
  • Do not consider or implement income tax while calculating capital structure.
  • You must mention all assets of that business concern.
  • You must assume that operating income will not increase any more.
  • Business risks will remain unchanged; which means it will maintain equilibrium.

In short, these are some assumptions students need to make while implementing this technique. Our Assumption of Capital Structure Theories homework help covers all these components in details; which helps pupils go through assignments effortlessly.

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