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Usually,subjects like accounts, finance as well as any company are nothing without liquidity. The business world is absolutely depended on it. Thus students can easily term it to be a necessary thing that they must study.

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Each and every firm is supposed to have their own liquidity of course. This is apparently one thing that can be termed as a necessity as well. Liquidity is an ability to pay off a company’s short-term debts of course.

But then it has to be a time limit. The time limit is only for a year. This practically decides the liquidity of a company. The best available Liquidity Ratios Homework Help can help understand easily.

Then what is liquidity ratio?

As already mentioned that liquidity is an ability to pay off debts within a time span of a year! It is absolutely why liquidity ratios help measure a firm’s liquidity position! Students often fail at understanding this. And this is only why they score badly in their assignments.

With our Liquidity Ratios Assignment Help, things will get easier for them. They will not only get through with a unique project but also with sound knowledge as well. There are various types of liquidity ratios. But here we are going to learn about the two most important types of the same.

Types of liquidity ratios:

Following are the two most important types of liquidity ratios:

  • Current ratio: This is also known by two other names. This is also called the short-term solvency ratio and famously known as the working ratio as well. What it does is measures the short-term financial position of a business of course. In other words, it checks that if a firm can get over its short-term debts.

The formula of current ratio is Current assets/Current liabilities.

  • Quick Ratio: This is also known as the liquid ratio. Or famously as the acid test ratio. This also helps measure short-term financial position. But then again this process is much simpler and also efficient.

The formula of quick ratio: Liquid Assets/Current Liabilities.

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