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When a total amount is equally divided into several small parts, then each part is termed as a stare of that amount. So literally share means a small part of a total amount. But in the field of finance, it is a quite significant term.  In this field, share means the power of ownership of an organization’s capital, profits, value, etc and the equal responsibility of company’s liabilities and loss.

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The companies always try to attract investors to invest in them by purchasing their share. Entities’ who are involved in selling and purchasing share known as share market investors. And the market is very commonly known as the stock market or share market. Share investment is a popular way of investing and raising once money quickly. But at the same point of time, it the riskiest way of all. You have to take the maximum risk for maximum gain.

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Evaluation of company’s capital

Before investing your money, you need to get a fairidea about the valuation of the organization where the money is going to be invested. Correct evaluation reduces the risk factors and enhances the chances of maximum gaining. Valuation of a business can be calculated by multiplying its share value with its total amount of market shares, and this process is termed as market capitalization.

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Basic category of market capitalization

Market capitalization is a basic way to make a proper valuation of the business, but it is not the only factor to evaluate a company. So you need to be causes about other relevant business factors too.On the basis market capitalization business organizations are categorized like this –

  • Industry having more than $10 billion market capitalization is recognized as alarge-scale industry.
  • When market capitalization of an industry is belonging in between  $2 to $10 billion then then it is termed as  medium scale industry
  • Company having $300 million to $2 billion market cap are small company
  • Micro companies are belonging under $300 million market cap

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