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A binomial distribution having two parameters n and p comes in probability theory of statistics. It is the discrete probability theory calculating the value of successes in a given sequence of n independent yes/no experiments. Each of these gives out success with the probability p. This method is used in finding out a model from the number of successes in a size n sample. It has however been drawn from a population size N.

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Conditions apply:

If certain conditions match, the binomial distribution explains the behaviour of X, a count variable:

  • Each observation results in the either outcomes – success or failure.
  • There are a fixed number of observations, i.e. the value of n.
  • The probability factor of success p should give out same value in every outcome.
  • The observations are independent every time.

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The binomial formula:

Let us take an example. Consider that a binomial experiment has n number of trials. And it results in x number of successes. Taking the probability P as a success on a single trial, the binomial probability would be – b(x; n, P) = nCx * Px * (1-P) n-x.

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