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Biology is the study of living organisms, divided into many fields which cover their distribution and origin. All the categories in biology are inter-connected by basic principle of biology. Sub-divisions of biology are Zoology, Botany, Ornithology, Microbiology, Mycology, Entomology, Anthropology, Marine biology and so on.

Biology is based on two major worlds; one is visible to everyone and the other invisible. Visible living things are humans, plants and animals. Invisible living things are bacteria and viruses. Biology Assignment help online explains these fields of biology.

What are cells?

Cells are made up of many parts and each one of them has its own function. Online Biology Assignment help provides an idea of structure of human cells and also the two types of cells. Nucleus, Cytoplasm, Cytoskeleton, Endoplasmic Reticulum, Golgi apparatus, Lysosomes and peroxisomes, Mitochondria, Plasma membrane, Ribosome are called the structure of the cell.

What are the types of cells?

There are two categories of cells. One is Eukaryotes and the other is Prokaryotes. Eukaryotes cells can be seen in humans, plants and animals. Prokaryotic cells are singled celled organism and seen in bacteria.

The basic difference between the two is eukaryotes consist of nucleus in which there are cell membranes, cytoplasm, ribosome and DNA but in prokaryotes there is no nucleus. Thus, we can say that eukaryotes cells are much more complex than prokaryotic cells.

There are many important topics like Genetics, Heredity, photosynthesis and organic compounds are a part of biological study which students must know. These are explained by the experts online.

Important areas of Biology which requires expert help-

  • How solar energy is converted into chemical energy?
  • Process of photosynthesis.
  • Principle theories of biology like cell theory, Gene theory and evolution.

Why students need Biology Assignment help?

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