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Accountancy is a subject which is used in real life at every point of time. Not only this, it is also one of the most important part in a business. Keeping a good check in your business account can be the main factor in smooth running of your business. This is the reason why this subject is loved by most of the students.

There are students who opt for this subject even in their higher level of studies and choose to make it a career. It is seen that people studying accountancy proves to be a great businessman as they have all the desired knowledge to run a business successfully.

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What is accountancy?

Accountancy is the subject that teaches us the method of keeping financial records, looking into all types of transaction going on in the business, performing audits, helping the government in taking taxation decisions, etc.

It is something that helps in the running of the business in a very systematic manner. Without the knowledge of accounts and how to keep check on all financial matters a person can never make any profit on the business he is running. It is the most vital part of business.

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What is book keeping?

Book keeping is the most essential part of every business process. It is somewhat a type of other name given to accountancy as it is a process by which all types of transaction is recorded in a business. In a business there are transactions in each and every business process such as selling, buying, all types of payments, etc.

The person that carries out the book keeping process is called a book keeper. He/she looks into the day to day transactions and record it accordingly. They need to be very careful while recording the transaction as one small mistake can create a big problem in the business. They are the one who write the book on every day transaction such as sales, purchase, etc. both in cash and in credit.

Then these books are read by the accountant to write the record book for the various transactions that took place in an annual basis. There are also two methods of book keeping such as single entry system and double entry system.

It is seen that these processes are not easy and in order to be perfect in this process students need to do a lot of practice and hard work. Book keeping assignment help will train the students to be best in this process.

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