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If you are studying the subject of business management, then you will definitely get to know about the topic brand equity. It is actually the value that is obtained as a result of having an established brand name in the market and is a widely used term in the marketing world. There are a lot of associated concepts with brand equity and to grasp all the knowledge about these areas you should definitely opt for Brand Equity Homework Help.

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What is Brand Equity all about?

Brand equity actually tells how much value a particular brand enjoys. A product that is well known amongst the masses definitely has higher brand equity than other products in the market. Consumers also prefer buying those products which are already established and the brands of which they are aware of. That is why companies today are focusing on building brand equity so that a loyal customer base can be established and profits can be increased.

Today organisations strive for building brand equity through measures like advertising, marketing campaigns, logo designing, creating attractive taglines, superior packaging and easily recognisable pictures on products, improving the quality and features of products, and by taking several other measures.

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Concepts covered in Brand Equity

The following concepts are generally covered in the topic of brand equity-

  • Meaning of brand equity.
  • Marketing strategies for creating brand equity.
  • Importance of brand equity.
  • The challenges faced in creating a brand name in the market.
  • Hierarchy of brand equity.
  • The ways in which consumers perceive a particular brand.
  • Managing the desired level of brand equity.
  • Product differentiation strategies for promoting brand.
  • Role of brand equity in generating higher returns on investments.
  • Financial advantages through brand equity.
  • Establishment of communication channels and the criteria of understanding current market scenario for brand development.
  • The process of brand reinforcement, brand re-genesis and maintenance of brand consistency.
  • The purposes and methodologies involved in brand equity.
  • Case studies, numerical analysis and practical questions related to brand equity.

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