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The way of analyzing and designing different kinds of work floes between the enterprises and also within them is called the business process reengineering or BPR. This is the way to optimize the different end to end processes.

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When was it originated?

  • It was pioneered during the early 1990.
  • It mainly focuses on the designing and analysis of different business and work flows within a particular organization.
  • It tends to help the organizations primarily to think how their work can be improved with the help of customer services.
  • It aims to cut the operational costs and helps to become competitors in the world.
  • During 1990’s 60% of the companies started their reengineering efforts.
  • BPR helps the companies to restructure their companies by focusing on their designs of different businesses.
  • A business process means a complete set of logical tasks meant to achieve a clearly defined business outcome.
  • It tends to focus on the different business objectives and also how the processes are related to each other.
  • This business process reengineering is well known as business process redesign.

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Want to get an idea of the overview?

  • This practice of redesigning and rethinking is done in such a way so that the work can be done successfully to support the mission of reducing cost by an organization.
  • Reengineering begins with the mission of achieving customer needs and strategic goals for an organization.
  • The reengineering process is constantly working on answering certain questions like how to do the best and how the customer’s expectations can be met.

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