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Capital Budgeting Homework Help: Definition, methods, importance and more

Capital Budgeting: Definition

Capital Budgeting is the planning process undertaken by a firm to determine whether its major long term investments should be funded through its capitalization structure (meaning through equity shares, debts and retained earnings). Such long term investment may include purchase of machinery, building of new plants, launching new products, replacing existing machinery, undertaking projects for research and development and others. Basically, Capital Budgeting is how a firm allocates it resources for capital expenditures or investment. The purpose of the whole planning is to increase the firm’s financial worth to its shareholders.

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The important methods for capital budgeting:

There are many methods which can be used in capital budgeting and accountancy students might be required to know most or all of them.

The methods are:

  • Averaging Accounting Return.
  • Net Present Value.
  • Accounting rate of Return.
  • Payback period.
  • Internal Rate of Return.
  • Equivalent Annual Cost.
  • Profitability Index.
  • Modified Internal Rate of Return.
  • Real Options Valuation.

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Importance of Capital Budgeting:

Capital Budgeting is an essential accounting process because it serves various purposes. A company must undertake Capital Budgeting because:

  • A huge sum of money is concerned and it largely influences the firm’s profitability.
  • This concerns long term investments which once incurred cannot be reversed without making considerable loses. The processes often cannot be reverted immediately and has to be carried through which in turn affects the company’s functioning for several years to come.
  • An appropriate mix of capital expenditure is crucial to ensure a profitable rate of return on the investments.
  • The risk factors of long term investments are high and therefore they require adequate planning through Capital budgeting.

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