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Carrier system in telecommunication

Carrier system is that part of the telecommunication system that is responsible for transmitting information, in the form of voice signals in case of telephone calls or video signals in case of a television. It performs its function by modulating one/ several carrier signals above a primitive voice frequency/ data.

Numerous Communication channels are simultaneously transmitted over shared mediums and this is done by making use of different modes of multiplexing. The two most prominent methods of multiplexing are:

  • Frequency division multiplexing.
  • Time division multiplexing.

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History of Carrier Systems

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The objective of the carrier system is to make communication less expensive by enabling fewer infrastructures to carry greater traffic. In the 19th Century, a wire could carry only a single phone call and heavily trafficked areas faced much ion inconvenience. In the early 20s, frequency division multiplexing enabled the carrying of numerous circuits on common wires. A decade later, L-carriers and coaxial cables were introduced. However, the T-carriers were invented by the researchers only after the 1950s and that is when the system became truly cost effective.

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