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Cash Flow Statements are an important part of the Accounting subject. Without proper cash flows, a business will never be able to identify how much has been spent on income and expenditure. As a student, you need to understand which item goes under which segment and that can be quite stressful. But you don’t have to worry anymore because with cash flow statement homework help it becomes very simple.

Before going forward, let us first deduce the meaning of Cash Flow Statements.

A Cash Flow Statement is a mandatory financial report that shows the total amount of cash generated and used in a financial year. Apart from the balance sheet and the income statement, Cash Flow statement is the next important report of a company. It records the cash and cash equivalents that are used in the company. The cash inflow and outflow are divided into three basic categories and calculations are made accordingly.

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The three components are Operating activities, Investing activities and Financing activities. Each component is important to determine how cash enters and leaves a business organization. The various activities are classified based on the nature of transactions.

Cash from Operating Activities

This includes the sources of cash that are obtained from operations such as interest payments, receipts from sales, rent payments, etc. Interest received on loans and interest paid on long-term debts comes under this category.

  • Cash from Investing Activities

Here the sources relating to the investments made by the company are recorded. This includes purchase and sale of an asset, loans paid or received, etc. The investing activities mostly consist of non current assets.

  • Cash from Financing Activities

The financing activities arise from the cash received from investors and banks and the cash paid to shareholders. Dividend payment, stock sale, and repurchases are also included in this category.

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