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Objectives of cash management, is a highly crucial topic and you will definitely come across it if you belong to commerce stream. There can be many objectives related to cash management and usually there will be a variation in the objectives as decided by each and every enterprise. For getting in depth understanding you must avail Objectives of Cash Management Homework Help.

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The objectives of cash management

Cash management is concerned with managing the inflows and outflows of cash at each point of time in a business entity. In order to run a business successfully it is really important that the optimum level of cash is maintained at all times so that expenditures can be met easily and even certain cash reserves are there for unforeseen situations. With Objectives of Cash Management Homework Help all these aspects will be cleared.

The various objectives of cash management are discussed as follows-

  • Measuring exact state of cash-

Cash management helps in measuring the exact level of cash in an organization, which is vital for decision making process.

  • Analysis of inflows and outflows of cash-

With analysis of inflows and outflows of cash, controls can be established to correct any deviations.

  • Classification- 

With cash management it gets easy to interpret the activities as operating, financing and investing, and thus can be easily represented in cash flow statement.

  • Cash planning- 

One of the main objectives of cash management is to enable the management to handle cash planning easily. It ensures that shortage of cash is supplemented and excess cash is invested.

  • Estimation related to future cash flows- 

Cash management helps in telling the future cash needs, and based on this information reserves can be created so that in case of unforeseen situations there is sufficient availability of funds.

  • Liquidity aspects- 

The objective of cash management also includes the measurement of exact liquidity position of the business.

These are some of the generally seen objectives of cash management in most of the companies. Generally the accounts and finance department in consultation with the top management decide the objectives of cash management. This is just a small highlight that what all is covered in the topic and to understand all these things to the core you must look forward to availing Objectives of Cash Management Assignment Help.

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