Characteristics of Receivables Homework Help

Get characteristics of receivable homework help to understand account receivables

Account receivables are defined as the amount that a customer owes to a company after some product or service has been delivered to them. From characteristics of receivables homework help, you will understand that it is only available to customers that have a good relationship built with the company.

Understanding the characteristics of receivables

In order to understand receivables more clearly, it is essential to first know about the characteristics that it possesses. Characteristics of receivables assignment help can assist you better in that case. Listed below are some of the characteristic features of receivable that you should know:

  1. The payments of receivables are determined previously.
  2. They may or may not have a fixed maturity.
  3. A company reserves right to collect receivable from customers who avail any product or service.
  4. Receivables are not carried out in the securities market.
  5. The company has the right to recover all of its investment unless there is credit deterioration.
  6. As receivables are supposed to be paid after maturity, the company does not hold power to collect before that specified period.
  7. Receivables need to be reevaluated after bearing in mind their estimated realisable value only.

What are the types of receivables? 

There are two types of receivables that exist in the market which you can further understand with characteristics of receivables assignment help. They are:

  1. Trade receivables are open accounts of the customers where the amount is due after the goods or services are delivered.
  2. Non-trade receivables are payments that are due but don’t involve the selling of goods or services. It includes:
  • Advance payments to employees, etc.
  • Rent deposit
  • Dividends received.
  • Claims against suppliers.
  • Subscriptions received.

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Why is it so important? 

Many question the need of receivables. Receivables play an important part in businesses.  Accounts receivables are an important part of the balance sheet. It records the bills that should be paid to the company and states the process for collection.

Characteristics of Receivables homework help allow you to understand how receivables affect a business. The payment of receivables can lodge a company out of a sticky situation and out of debt. It improves the cash flow, investment in capital expenditure, increased risk capital and reduced financing charges. It also allows the company the opportunity to introduce new goods and services up for offer.

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