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Essay writing is an issue which every student like you has to face in their academic life. This leads to attempts which might lead all of your work in vain if not done correctly.

Having knowledge about How to Write an Essay Fast: Student Guide helps pupils to understand why it is important to know a few facts about writing an essay. Every scholar in the world follows such instruction for writing an excellent essay.

If you are attempting to writing an essay for school work or some other reason, you should follow the below-mentioned instructions step by step.

  1. Selecting a topic

Choosing a topic is essential for you. If the topic is not to your liking, you will have a hard time finishing it. To do this, all you need is to go through various ideas that you like and write it down. It helps in narrowing the field of your interest in writing.

Then always opt for a topic that is interesting to you and also will ideally serve your purpose for writing an essay.

Now, you might not always have the luxury to choose the topic yourself! Your school teacher or college professor might provide the entire class a single topic to write an essay.

What do you do then?

Well, there are several online tutors present to aid you in overcoming such dilemmas. All you need is to inform them about the topic you need assistance with and they will do the needful.

  • Research your topic

Like various other aspects of academic work, writing an essay requires doing extensive research on topic and materials related to it.

It aids in understanding a topic in-depth and helps in coming across data, statistics, etc. that makes an ordinary essay remarkable.

You should never skip researching as less information about a topic means repetition of data which teachers or professors have gone through hundreds of times.

Hence, they look for something fresh every time they give essay writing as assignments.

  • Outline creation

You should follow this step before starting to write an essay!

Before you sit to write your final draft, you need to make an outline for your essay.

Write the topic name in a paper and then keep jotting down primary ideas that will construct this essay’s body.

Apart from key ideas, also write down certain thoughts you might have for your essay. This is what various How to Write an Essay Fast: Student Guide informs.

Also, you approach it in a different way where all you do first, is to differentiate your ideas into introduction, body, and conclusion.

You can jot down some ideas about how to start the introduction part, then body and lastly sum it all up in your conclusion.

Note: Leave some space in between main ideas if you want to add something later which might pop in your mind.

  • Writing an essay

Now that you possess a topic and jotted down information associated with it, you can start writing your essay.

Try to start off by providing a thesis statement that throws light on the essay’s purpose. Ensure creating an adequate thesis by going over jotted info which you wrote during outline creation.

What to add in thesis statement?

Well, simply provide readers with the topic as well as your essay’s primary argument. This statement should have an appropriate response to an issue which the topic portrays.

This thesis statement should be included in the starting paragraph, a few time in the body and lastly in the conclusion paragraph.

Note: Mentioning thesis statement a few times help readers keep in mind the essay’s purpose and the answer to the topic’s question it is offering.

  • Introduction to your essay

According to How to Write an Essay Fast: Student Guide, introductions of an essay are vital!

It should be engaging or interesting enough so that people get hooked on to your essay.

It should start with a question or some interesting fact that will make people want to know what happens next.

Also, you can start with a dialogue, quote, shocking revelations that will be fascinating enough to capture your readers’ attention.

However, keep in mind that this “grasping start” is related to your essay and thesis statement. Don’t just put any interesting fact, dialogue, etc. which has nothing to do with your essay just because you found it intriguing.

Note: You can also opt for writing your introduction after you finish your body and conclusion as it helps you have a clear opinion about what to write.

  • Body and conclusion

Now in your essay’s body, you put forward your main argument in detail. It is where you require providing explanations and describe every statement you make.

The core ideas which you jotted while creating the outline, becomes different paragraphs here. Each paragraph should start with main idea’s introductory sentence.

Supporting ideas here forms the backing evidence along with examples and relevant information. Also, cite reference materials which you used.

Numerous How to Write an Essay Fast: Student Guide mentions that it is essential to your essay that you end your argument by providing all the details in short. A total sum of your essay is a conclusion is all about along with your topic’s closing.

However, keep in mind to write only a maximum of five sentences in your conclusion paragraph. Make sure you support your argument in this paragraph.

Note: Never introduce new ideas in this portion of your essay. It is simply a summary of your entire essay.

  • Editing first draft

After finishing your work, ensure that you need to adequately edit it.

However, give it a few days before you sit to edit it. It will help you gain some perception about your work if you do it a few days later and not immediately.

In editing check, your essay’s general structure, grammar, spellings, etc. Editing and proofreading will help you have an essay which is free of errors.

So, now you know the steps of How to Write an Essay Fast: Student Guide! Just follow these instructions when you attempt to write an essay. It will help you in drafting a remarkable essay which will fetch you great scores.