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It is the distribution of total sum of squares ofk independent standard normal random variables. Chi-squared distribution is widely applied in inferential statistics’ probability distributions. It is basically used in hypothesis testing.  The theory is a factor in definition of F-distribution and t-distribution. We are at

As detailed in chi square distributions assignment help, this theory is mostly used in

  • Chi-squared assessments for goodness of fit in an observed distribution.
  • Two standards of classifications of qualitative data.
  • Confidence interval determination for population standard deviation from a sample standard deviation.
  • Other test like Friedman’s analysis of variance by rank.

Various properties:

  1. It is skewed to the right.
  2. The formula, Degrees of freedom = (#rows – 1) * (# columns – 1).
  3. It is not symmetric.
  4. Total area below curve = 1.
  5. Ranges 0-infinity with zero negative values.
  6. For each value of degrees of freedom, the distribution is different.

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Characteristics of chi-square test

The chi-square distributions test is applied in testing hypothesis instead of estimation. It is not based on parameters such as mean or standard deviation, but rather on frequencies. Chi squared test is considered as a significant non-parametric test because there is no necessity of rigid assumptions and parameter values for the type of population. However, less mathematical details are used.Seek our chi square distributions assignment help for answers to critical problems.


There are few limitations of the chi square test. Check out the points:

  • In case of contingency tables those are larger than 2*2, corrections made by Yate cannot be applied.
  • However, Yate’s corrections are necessary to derive a reliable outcome from one degree of freedom in a four found
  • If total sample values are below 50, the test should be interpreted carefully with caution.
  • Data is derived from random

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