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A student of finance and commerce understands the significance of shares for a company and the role it plays to raise funds. However, shares have several classifications. To deal with these varieties help is required.

With Classification of Preference Shares Assignment Help the different varieties of shares and their uses, advantages, limitations and role can be administered. It is important to have strong concepts embedded in minds of learners. On the basis of those concepts more intricate understanding can be established.

Variety in preference shares

Those who study shares know that certain rights are attached to the ownership of shares of preference. On this basis there are several classifications of shares:

  • Convertible and nonconvertible¬†

In some cases, preference shares can be turned into ordinary ones within a given time span. These shares with power of conversion are convertible; those without such powers are nonconvertible.

  • Redeemable and nonredeemable shares

As explained in Classification of Preference Shares Homework Help, redeemable shares are those which the shareholder can get back after placing a request for redeeming. Nonredeemable shares are those with no such facility.

  • Participating and non-participating shares

Those with participating preference shares can get the chance to be part of the payment process of surplus profit once the dividend is distributed. Nonparticipating shareholders cannot take part in this process.

  • Cumulative and noncumulative share

In this type, the share holder’s profit of dividends are accumulated irrespective of whether the company earns profits or is in loss. For noncumulative shares no such accumulation of dividends takes place.

Company benefits of preference shares

Even though holding preference shares seems beneficial only for the shareholders the company also benefits from these classifications. The several reasons which make preference shares beneficial for companies are as follows:

  • The dividend to be paid is stable, and mostly the amount is lesser than equity shares
  • Preference shareholdersare not provided with the privilege of casting their votes
  • Capital structure is flexible in this arrangement and market is expanded.

Classification of Preference Shares Assignment Help deals extensively with this topic and covers the different benefits of investors too.

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