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Different categories under Classification of Ratios

When you go through our expert designed Classification of Ratios assignment help manual, you can see elucidated info about various ratio classifications. Here is a short description.

  1. Classification as per functionality

Grouping under this classification is made as per their performance. There are mainly 3categories

  • Efficiency ratio
  • Solvency Ratios
  • Short term or Liquidity Ratios
  1. Classification as per traditional ratios
  • Inter Statement Ratios
  • Income Statement or Profit and Loss Account ratios
  • Position Statement or Balance Sheet ratios
  1. Some of the other ratio types

Operational or Revenue Statement Ratios

Under this ratio, there are more subdivisions. They are as follows:

  • Operating Net Profit Ratio
  • Net Profit Ratio
  • Gross Profit Ratio
  • Operating Ratio

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Issues that students face when executing homework of this topic

There are many factors which create hindrance in the smooth execution of homework. Some of those issues comprise of:

  • Inability to understand and analyse user’s position in user’s position in financial statement
  • Difficulty in the comprehension of solvency, liquidity and profitability in a business
  • Knowing about ratios but know about more subdivisions under the classifications
  • Having a vague idea about the functions of every category of ratios

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