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Co-operatives movement in agro product- in detail

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  • Agricultural cooperative 

An agricultural cooperative or farmers’ co-op is a cooperative where the farmers pool the resources in various areas of operations.

A wide typology of Cooperatives distinguishes between the services and agricultural cooperatives that offer certain services to the individual farming members’ yet agricultural production where production resources and equipmentare pooled and the members’ farm jointly.

  • Reasons for establishment of cooperatives
  • In order to secure, the income or the household food farmers establish agricultural cooperative in different areas of globe.
  • Small-scale farmers can earn huge gains from such agricultural cooperatives. Therefore, local ventures develop that attains more selling and purchasing power.
  • It helps in eradicating the problem of poverty in small villages.
  • Agro product 

Agro products are broad and inclusive categories of products that are related to agriculture. It consists of a comprehensive variety of raw and finished products under the categorization of plants, animals, and other life forms.

  • Cooperative movement in Agro products 

There are two main types of cooperative service-

  • Supply cooperative

These cooperatives supply their members with equipment and inputs for agriculture products. This includes seed, fuel, fertilizers and machinery services.

  • Marketing cooperatives-

These cooperatives are developed by the farmers to undertake packaging, transportation, marketing and distribution of farm products.

Agricultural marketing is a compound activity as it is carried out by farmers independently and consists a large number of intermediaries. Farmers depend on collectors, wholesalers, commission agents and retailers to market their commodities.

The agro products need special supply chain management, which includes the post-harvest handling, packaging, processing, logistics, storage management, and transportation. Nevertheless, the challenges faced by farmers are at that time when they wish to dispose the same products at the same period.

Farmers are hard-pressed for finance to meet their operational and primary capital for agriculture ventures. Financial problems involve credit availability and huge rate of interest for landing to money.

  • Roles of cooperative movement 

The presence of cooperative has a huge impact in generality of agricultural development. These involve the employment creation, enhancement of rural gains, market development and improvement of the access to social services.

  • It is clear that agricultural cooperatives are responsible for the development of modern markets in the rural areas. There are various benefits why farmers join the cooperative movement.
  • Obtaining economies of scale
  • Accessing the professional services
  • Entering new markets
  • Preserving existing markets
  • Bargaining power

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