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Before proceeding with the comparative literature, let’s get the numbers of institutions exist in an economy

  • Investment banks
  • Commercial banks
  • Brokerage houses
  • Insurance companies
  • Investment companies

The basic thumb-rule followed by all these organizations is to offer various investment opportunities to their end-consumer. In the process, they earn their commission for maintenance of working capital, salaries, and benefits for employees, etc. Despite the similar objective there exist some significant difference between their functionality and approach towards dealing with consumers.

Comparative study of 2 financial institutions homework help brings to you the difference of objective and characteristics of these institutions. They have individual limitations that impact their functionality and consumers benefit from the comparative study.

  • Financial institutions can be private, however, commercial banks can belong to public sectors as well
  • Government is the major stake holder in public sector commercial banks
  • Similarly, insurance companies can be public or private depending on the major stake holding

Investment banks and commercial banks cater to different set of consumers. We, as individual citizens of a nation, associate ourselves with banking through commercial banks. On the other hand, investment banks deals in investment of large corporations, promotes and funds enormous high volume business projects and invests in corporate bodies and government securities.

Comparative study of 2 financial institutions homework help brings forth the difference between insurance companies and banks:

  • Insurance companies deal in life, health insurances that guarantee pay out of a lump sum amount post an untoward incident of the insured.
  • Individuals buy accidental insurance, fire, burglar insurance which are covers to protect their beloved from unforeseen incidents.
  • The insurance companies, in turn partly invest in government secured bonds and another part in high-riskhigh return securities to maximize growth of entire corpus of fund.
  • Banks, however, deal in individual investment of term deposits.
  • Term deposits amount and duration is fixed.
  • It aims to include all strata of the society.
  • Banks invest though investment banks to profitable projects and ensure growth of their fund so as to make sure the payment to the end-consumer.

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