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Smart steps- Calculate flawless Optimal Capital Structure

Accounting is all about calculations and sums. Along with little theoretical parts, mostly it contains tricky case studies and problems. Same goes for Capital Structure, the definition is straightforward, but the calculations are hinders. So, without Computation of Optimal Capital Structure homework help from helpmeinhomework , it is indeed hard to complete your assignments.

Optimal Capital Structure:

You are quite familiar with the textual definition and what does it do. It is perfect balance in cash flow structure for proper segmentation of capital into two segments. Capital debentures and equity.

Business is solely dependent on this financial structure. Hence, miscalculations can lead to;

  • Risk factors for investors.
  • Instability of the company.
  • Maximising of cost and expenditures.
  • Minimised returns.

These are mere terms, but they are bombarding situations for an enterprise. Hence, you get to learn the methods of accurate calculations with Computation of Optimal Capital Structure assignment help.

Before we go into intricate details; we must know some factors which affect capital structure.

Concerning points:

  • Fluctuating market status; depending on the condition, investors plan on investing in projects.
  • Weak structure: It can lead to uncontrollable expenses with minimum returns.
  • Debts: If return capital is reducing, let alone profit, the company will be unable to pay off its debts when needed. So, a firm should know its capacity and ability before going into debts.
  • Restrictive: Every financial structure should adapt its funds along with expansion and contraction of capital. If it remains opposed, the stability weakens.
  • Control: It is one of the most prime active points. If the calculations are not correct; no one will be able to follow the cash flow structure and lead to total loss and chaos.

With Computation of Optimal Capital Structure homework help, you will learn the possibilities and loops of these decisions.

But before that how can you calculate?

Calculations of Optimal Capital Structure:

Though are formulae available to calculate, but you should know the steps of initial calculations.

  • Determine Debt- Equity ratio to find out different Capital Structure.
  • For a various level of the financial structure; calculate a cost of capital and cost of debt for every level.
  • Calculate the weighted average of above-mentioned determined cost of capital.
  • Plot a graph of all available points. With x-axis as a debt-equity ratio and y-axis as a percentage. Hence, from the available curves of equity, cost and average cost of capital, you can determine the optimal point.

Available formulae:

Capital structure = Long-term Debt + Preferred Stock + Net Worth.


Capital structure = Total assets – Current liabilities.

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