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What is Computer Programming?

Computer programming can be taught as a process of developing and implementing a set of instructions which enables the computer to do a certain task. These instructions are given in computer language which helps the computer to understand them and execute the task which is needed. The language which is used by the computer cannot be understood by an untrained person.

Related tasks of computer programming include the process of testing and debugging some applications or maintaining a program’s source code. There is also the implementation of build systems and management of the derived artefacts such as machine code level language. The people who indulge themselves in these computer programming are known as programmers.

  • Functions

Groups of classes collectively are known as functions. A function requires the need for a specific class.

  • Class

Each class contains a group of information and data. These are variables or integers, decimals or symbols, loops or logical methods. All these are aimed together to perform a specific job on the computer and the internet as well.

What are the use/purposes of computer programming?

Computer Programming is an important subject to get a grasp on. These programming can be used for various purposes which are listed below in certain points.

  • The purpose of programming is to activate a processor to create a new one. The languages, compilers or interpreters are certain tools which are used in the programming.
  • Another use of these programming can be used to activate various applications. When it comes to the modern society, some applications form the basis of everything. With the help of all the programming language, these applications can perform well and function according to the user requirements.
  • Computers can do what a human cannot. When it comes to executing complicated programs and executing them, a human cannot do the same. This is why computer programming is used when it comes to executing functions which cannot be done by a general person.

What is the importance of computer programming?

Computer programming is the base through which an application can work and perform better. It has a lot of importance attached to it. Some of them are given below in certain points.

  • Programming is important for speeding up the input and output processes of a computer system. Programming helps in automating and collecting different data and information. It also helps in analysing and calculating the information accurately and correctly.
  • Programming is the base through which software can be created. It forms the basic creations of any application or software which can run on any device or platform intended. Due to all these reasons, it is really important to learn the programming languages called Java, C++ or etc.
  • Programming is important for the prime interaction of machines and computers. It helps in harnessing the power of computing in all human endeavours. It is used in automating tasks and using them to perform different objectives.

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