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What does working capital mean?

When you are studying finance, you would know that any business organization requires the appropriate capital for establishing the business and operating its activities. The total capital of a business can be categorized as working capital and fixed capital. Fixed capital is a long-term investment and is required for purchasing fixed assets like building, furniture, machinery, land, etc. When you hire our concepts of working capital assignment help, you get to know the basic difference between fixed capital and working capital as well.

The capital required for investing in current assets is known as working capital. In other words, it is the capital which is required for regular operation of a business. It is also called short-term capital or revolving capital or circulating capital. It is used for regular business activities such as purchasing raw materials, payment of wages, rent, etc. It is kept in the form of cash, raw materials inventory, debtors, bills receivable, stock of finished goods, etc. If you are still having trouble with the basic concept, you can always rely on our concepts of working capital assignment help services.

Concept of Working Capital

In general, there are two concepts of working capital, net concept and gross concept:

  • Gross Concept: 

As per gross concept of working capital, it refers to all the present assets and represents the total amount of funds invested in those assets. Therefore, gross working capital is basically capital invested in current assets. If you don’t know it, assets that can be converted to cash within short term period are known as current assets. Current assets represented by gross working capital include cash at bank, cash on hand, inventory, bills receivable, prepaid expenses, etc.

  • Net Concept:

Net concept of working capital is another concept you get to know about when you hire our concepts of working capital homework help service. As per this concept, working capital is excess of current assets over current liabilities. To put it in simpler words, the difference between the current liabilities and current assets is known as net working capital.

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