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Corporate finance studies the feasibility of decisions taken by large corporate and analyzes the gain or loss arising from such decisions. The objective of corporate finance is to maximize the corporate value without compromising on the financial risk.

Corporate finance homework help solutions sub categorizes the decisions into short and long term decisions based on the nature of the decision:

  • Capital investment is a long term decision taking cognizance of project funding, investment in debt, equities, dividend payout timings
  • Short term decisions balances current asset and liabilities of the firm for a shorter duration

Corporate finance deals with investment banking. An investment bank assesses the company’s financial needs and raises fund using designated tools. Corporate finance looks forward to a sustained growth and improvement in the firm’s production and ranking.

Decisions towards fixed asset and capital falls under the purview of capital investment decisions

  • Aim of corporate finance is to maximize the firm’s value through investment in positively yielding projects
  • Corporate finance team calculates the net present value of the cost of funding at a discounted rate
  • Investment banks fund the projects adequately in lieu of loaned up fixed asset and capital asset

Capital investment – tool of corporate finance

  • Corporate finance department is responsible for deployment of company’s long-term capital
  • It involves capital budgeting
  • Through capital budgeting, a company identifies its capital expenditure, assesses an estimate of future cash flows from proposed capital projects
  • Compare the various planned investment with potential proceeds
  • Final decision includes one viable project to the capital budget
  • Capital investment carries serious financial implications for the company

Capital financing

  • Corporate finance homework help solutions deals with the subject of sourcing finance in the form of debt or equity
  • A company borrows from commercial banks or other financial institutions to fund its project
  • It might as well float debt securities in the market with the help of investment banks
  • To raise funds for long terms, some company might opt to offload its shares to its stake holders
  • This offloading of shares is a tool of corporate finance during business expansions
  • Capital financing is walking tightrope between debt and equity balancing

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