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What do you mean by Corporate Finance?

Corporate finance is the branch of finance that deals with necessities of financial aspects of a corporation or business. These financial aspects are different objectives as well as investments and accounting. So, all related activities which are important in running a business come under corporate Finance. In addition, maximization of shareholder’s value is the most important goal in corporate finance. The value of shareholder can be maximized through short term or long term. So, either it is related to investment banking or it is capital investment, all these investment topics come under corporate domain.

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What are the different sources of capital?

The various sources of capital are as follows –

  • Debt capital – If a company has borrowed funds or if it relies on it, then debt capital is there.
  • Equity capital – In case of selling shares of the company to the shareholders to improve the capital structure of a company.
  • Preferred stock – This is a kind of equity security that is completely different than the other types of capital sources as it is higher in rank than other common sources.

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What are the important phases in corporate finance?

These are –

  • Capital Investment
  • Capital Financing
  • Short – term Liquidity
  • Capital structure

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