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About this subject

The cost of preference shares is a special type of ownership interest in a firm or company. It is based on the current market value of the preference share. There are namely two kinds of preference shares:

• Cost of redeemable preference shares are issued for a particular time span, and on expiry of specified time limit, they are redeemed.
• Cost of Irredeemable preference shares are those issued for life of the company are not redeemed.
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Formula applied

There is a mathematical formula which makes the process of finding the variable easy. The formula which is applied is:
Kpref = d/p0

In this given equation the d is meant to stand for preference dividend while the p0 denotes market value of the preference shares at the given time.

Here again what is interesting to note down is dividends which are paid are in the form of perpetuity, and there is going to be no question with regard to tax relief given for the preference dividends.

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