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Customer retention is the term that refers to the consumers being customers to a specific product or service for a long period of time. For any firm to become successful what it needs is constant customers who trust and value them. Customer Retention refers to those strategies which bring the customers and make them stay.

Customer retention has many principles and strategies that it calls for any future entrepreneur to follow and you as an aspiring entrepreneur and student craving for good marks, should make sure you have your concepts regarding it crystal clear. If you have doubts while working on your assignment related to it, you can always take assistance from for Customer retention assignment help.

Facts you need to know about Customer retention

These are some of the facts that you need to know about customer retention that is bound to help you:

  • Customer retention will not be possible unless the firm goes way beyond and tries to satisfy and please its already present customers.
  • Customer retention, as easy as it might sound, is in no way easy and calls for more of your effort and investment than you might think it would.
  • Customer retention, as it is, has a direct impact on the profit percentage of the business and the future of your company so you must never make the mistake of taking it lightly.
  • Customer loyalty gives you more profit than normal customers ever would. So, customer retention is one of the most important aspects of business management.

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What are the problems that students face while studying Customer retention?

Customer retention is a very tricky chapter due to several reasons and here are a few problems that students face while dealing with it:

  • Customer retention is a process that must be given a lot of weight too. But for the students to give weight to it, their unique approach has to be accepted, and it isn’t.
  • This is because every student must have a different set of target customer and his or her case study is just an elaboration of it. School, however, does not always accept all possibilities that there are.
  • Students find it difficult to implement the principles of customer retention because they are constantly asked to do things in a specific way instead of being given the freedom to think and do things their way.

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