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Returns are generally called profits or losses from the security in the particular period and are commonly measured and stated in percentage. What type of returns can the prospective investors expect from capital markets?  A number of determinants influence the returns.

There are three kinds of returns on the basis of investment made-

  • Return on investment
  • Return on equity
  • Return on assets


In this world of investment,definition of risk is an opportunity that an investment’s real return will be different from what is expected. Risk means probability of losing some or all of your original investments. Low levels of ambiguity are linked with the low probable returns. High levels of ambiguity are linked with higher probable returns.

The return or risk trade off is a balance between the highest probable returns and the desire for the possible risk. Investment risks be categorised as-

  1. Systematic risks, market risk, or un-diversifiable risk– systematic risk is the vaguenessinherent in the whole market or segments. Systematic risk is the daily fluctuations in the price of the stock. Volatility is the measure of risk as it submits to behaviour of your investments rather than the reason for the behaviour.

Following are the systematic risks as they influence the whole market-

  • Rate of interests
  • Recessions
  • And wars
  1. Unsystematic risks or specific risk or residual risk-  this kind of uncertainties come with acompany of industry the person invest in and can reduce with diversification. ]

Hence, apart from the two important risks, the following also play significant risks in the market-

  1. Credit or default risk
  2. Country Risk
  3. Foreign Exchange Risk
  4. Rate of interest risk
  5. Political risks
  6. Taxes
  7. Compounding

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