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Understanding the Advantages of the Delphi Programming Language 

Delphi is a great learning language suitable for both learning as well as development. It is also considered to be an imperative, functional and an object oriented language. There are times when this language is often considered to be “dead” because it is not used as much as Java and C++. Pascal is considered to be the ancestor of this language and previously the use of this particular language was only restricted to learning.

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The origin of the Delphi programming language

After the Pascal language, the new Turbo-Pascal came into existence. It became popular very quickly but was not able to cope up to the modern machines that were developed. As a result it became obsolete. It could no longer support modern tools and desktop applications that were program rich. It was after this that the Delphi programming language was released. This programming has added a number of extensions so that they become suitable for use in the Windows platform.

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Here are some of the uses of Delphi programming language

Delphi is a strong typed language that is quite high level. It supports designs that are object oriented as well as structured. It is based on Pascal programming language and so it uses codes that are quite easy to read. It also uses files that have a number of units present that are perfect for use in modular programming languages.

There is also a special feature in Delphi that supports both RAD environment as well as Borland’s component framework. In fact it has been observed that in most cases it uses developmental tools of Boreland.

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