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What are Derivatives?

A contract which originates its value from the performance of an asset or interest rate is known as Derivatives. Derivative can be said as a contract between the parties based on assets. Many students face problems when they get homework related to derivatives, the basic understanding of derivatives is very important to move forward on this topic. Students can prefer Derivatives homework help by visiting us.

Financial instruments have three main categories, and derivative is one of them. Other two are stocks and debt. Stocks include shares and equity, and debt includes mortgages and bonds.

Students must know about the underlying assets which include currencies, market index, bonds, etc. for which Derivatives assignment help can be preferred.

How are derivatives traded?

It can be traded in 2 ways-

  • Over-the-counter (OTC)
  • Exchange

Types of derivatives

There are six common types of derivatives. Let’s discuss them in brief-

  • Future contracts- where two parties are involved who agreed to a price for the sale of an asset. Such agreement is called future contract. This kind of contract can be considered as a bet between two parties.
  • Forward contract- this is an important type of derivative. This is similar to future contract, but the key difference between the two is forward contracts are not traded or exchanged. It can be only traded over-the-contract.
  • Swaps- these are very common types of derivatives. As the name suggests, if someone wants to switch from variable interest rate loan to a fixed interest rate loan or vice versa then this will be categorised as Swaps. The parties involved here agree to trade loan terms. Swaps can be of interest rates, currencies and also commodities.

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  • Options- it is almost same as future contracts. It is an agreement between parties for buying and selling at a future date. Difference between future contracts and option is in the case of option buyer or seller is not bound to make the transaction if they don’t want to. Thus, it is called as option. Option can be call or put, also can be short or long.

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  • Credit derivative- if the loan is sold at a discount to a spectator then it will be said as credit It offers modest returns for minimum risk and greater liquidity.
  • Mortgage-backed derivative- this is a broad category of derivatives. It is defined as assets which are underlying the derivative are mortgages.

Topics covered

We cover the following topics and the other related topics related to derivatives. Some important topics are-

  • Uses of Derivatives
  • Basics of Valuation
  • Hedging
  • Speculation and arbitrage
  • About collateralized debt obligation (CDO)

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