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What are Derivatives?

Derivatives are a financial concept, a derivative can be defined as a contract which derives its worth on the basis of the performances of an underlying entity in a business, an entity which can be an index, asset or an interest rate. This said entity is commonly referred to as the underlying. Derivatives serve various purposes in a business organization, starting with insurance from price movements or access to assets or markets which are hard to trade in.

Derivatives Homework Help:

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What are the uses of Derivatives?

  • It reduces the risk of the underlying for which the contract has been entered into, in case the value of the underlying moves in the opposite direction, that is, if the value decreases.
  • They help in creation of options in those circumstances when the derivative’s value in connected with a certain event or condition.
  • Helps in trading in underlying which are otherwise difficult to trade.
  • Brings in leverage in a way that a large difference in the value of the derivative is affected by a small change in the underlying’s value.
  • If the value of the underlying change the way they anticipate, then a profit can be made by the organization.
  • Helps in transition management.
  • Saves from payment of taxes.

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