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Dividend Policy-An Introduction

It is the process of dividing cash (profits) among the various stakeholders in any organisation. As simple it might sound, the process is complex, keeping in mind that this allocation has to be done at the right time, with the people and in the right amount.

Apart from distributing cash, a company can also buy its Stock or decide to gift shares to the employees and management. This all depends on the circumstances and management policies of the organisation.

The Importance of Dividend Policy

As a student, if you are seeking help with Dividend policy homework help, it is important that you understand the following facts:

  1. The assignments will have a lot of questions about Equity Management
  2. Dividend Policy can make or break economies! They way companies in any geographical location react to Dividend management, creates a ripple effect. The Governments act accordingly, and people invest accordingly.
  3. The companies have a lot of laws pertaining to Dividend Policy. Hence, the subject needs a good chunk of your time and attention.

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Dividend Policy Homework Help

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