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What is the exact meaning of corporate finance?

In finance capital structure and fund for a corporation are the most essential part. Various resources are used to increase the value or worth of a company. Shareholder is a suitable way to increase the value. The exact explanation can be given in terms of investment and financial decision for a company. Moreover, various resources and tool are there to analyze this in a proper way. Only after that strategies are applied.

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What is the importance of shareholder value in corporate finance?

Corporate finance develops its worth by increasing value of its shareholder. This takes place in two different ways as planning for short term and long term. Along with that various strategies are implemented. Prime sub – disciplines are –

  • Capital Budgeting
  • Working capital

There are some terms associated with these sub-disciplines as investment funding, equity capital, current liabilities, current assets, debt and some other terms. The ranges of activities take place from a small or effective investment plan or investment decision to banking of investment. The prime need of this is improving the financial sector.

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What are the various source of capital?

The various sources of a company’s capital are –

  • Debt Capital
  • Equity Capital
  • Preferred Stock

Loan or debt becomes the prime need of some company when its capital investment does not fulfill its need. Equity capital means raising the value of a business by selling the shares to its investors.

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