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The study which deals with the aggregate of the economic systems instead of focusing on individual firms or markets is called as macroeconomics. This subject analyses the forecasting of national income with the help of major economic factors that put an effect on one another. But, homework stresses out students and they ask for help to do my macroeconomics homework!

Welcome the macro-mania

Currently, students are taking a lot of interest in this subject. So, let us take a tour of the core concepts of macroeconomics:

  1. Measuring the national income: That includes GDP, real and nominal GDP, circular flow of income and expenditures, and national income and equality.
  2. Inflation: This topic includes measuring the cost of living, real and nominal return, deflation, and most importantly the Philips curve (inflation and unemployment).
  3. Aggregate demand and supply: The business cycle, Keynesian thinking, historical circumstances explained by AD, and monetary and fiscal policy are all topics covered in this section.
  4. Foreign exchange and trade
  5. The Keynesian cross and IS-LM model!
  6. The monetary system: It includes money supply, functions of money, fractional reserve banking, and others!

So, all the above topics are covered in a macroeconomics course available in any academic institution. Although it is a new challenging subject for pupils but they claim it to be a thrilling experience and interesting subject. The assignments given from school initially seem very exciting but after a while students start facing challenges and ultimately turn towards their parents or siblings and ask them, “Will you do my macroeconomics homework?”

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Too much stress can sometimes cause depression as well. But, what is the reason for this stress at such a little age? Of course it is the daily HOMEWORK! There is already too much of competition and peer pressure on those little shoulders. They have to excel in class tests as well as finish the assignments on time. Not only that, some of them even master certain co-curricular activities. At the end of the day they cannot take it anymore and cry for help saying, “Please do my macroeconomics assignment!”

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