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What Makes Physics The Most Difficult Subject Amongst The Students?

Physics is the branch of science that comprises the properties related to nature, matter, and energy. The students are expected to study the mechanics, light, radiation, sound, heat, electricity, and structure of atoms, magnetism, and several other aspects. It is a vast field undoubtedly. It includes several experiments, projects, assignments. Each task assigned to the students is tough.

Students in the school and college are taught as per the syllabus of the textbook or based on the notes. But when it comes to project assignment, the most difficult topics are assigned. It is done so that students strive hard to look for the answers. They must do their part in research and find the answers and present a well-drafted project.

The truth is there is hardly any time left amongst the students to devote towards research and experiments. The syllabus of the subject is so comprehensive that studying from the point of examination becomes a taxing affair. Apart from it, there are several other activities, subjects and assignments to complete in order to secure the highest grade in the academics.

The syllabus of Physics includes Properties of Matter – Fluids, Thermal Physics and Solar Energy, Mechanical waves: Sound – Music – Acoustics – Ultrasound, Light – Optics – Lasers, Electromagnetic radiation: Radio – Microwaves – Ultraviolet – X-ray, Electricity – Magnetism – Electronics, Atomic Physics, Radioactivity etc.

The project topics included are tougher that may include-

  • Distance and speed measurement of rolling objects with the help of a video recording
  • Investigation on MPEMBA Effect
  • Laser pointer significance in measuring sugar in a liquid
  • The working technique of airplane flying
  • Tube bending experiments etc.

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