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Statistics is a scientific method that includes the collection, analysis, organization, and interpretation of a set of data. Statistics is directly linked with mathematical operations. One must consider working on their hold over conducting mathematical calculations before diving into the advanced areas of statistics.

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The ideal way to deal with the complications of statistical analysis is to get involved in self-study and extensive research. Students must be duly motivated to complete their tasks on time and go through their class notes on a daily to develop a clear concept of the topics being taught.

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Understanding the application of Statistical Analysis

Statistical analysis requires real-world information to be interpreted and represented into appropriate formats and into meaningful results. It involves the study of a set of data has a definite limit for example population of a particular area, a model process etc.

Not just core mathematics there are several other subjects that intricately involve the application of statistics in their coursework. Some of them are specified below-

  1. Biostatistics

There are numerous biological phenomena that require the application of statistical tools to conduct the study of a particular process or experiment. This is why students pursuing courses like biochemistry, biotechnology, molecular biology etc have to study a paper in biostatistics.

A majority of students pursuing biological science does not have a definite background in mathematics. Hence, they often have the do my statistics project requirement.

  1. Actuarial science

This is the stream that students studying finances have to cover at some point. It involves analysis of risks in financial sectors and with insurance.

  1. Chemometrics

Several chemical processes also involve the application of statistical methods to understand certain specific measurements.

  1. Econometrics

There is a number of relationships and theories in economics that will be impossible to relate to without the applications of statistical methods. To make understanding of these topics better, econometrics was designed with the detailed use of statistical tools.

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Explaining the major branches of Statistics

To develop a holistic understanding of the subject, students must make it a point to learn about the major branches of statistics. There are several other subject matters apart from the ones mentioned above, that have hidden application of statistical analysis. Therefore without the appropriate understanding of the different segments of statistics, learning of those subjects would be incomplete.

The 2 main branches of statistics are inferential and descriptive statistics. They are explained below-

Descriptive statistics

Descriptive statistics is the primary step in conducting a series of statistical analysis. As the name suggests, it involves the application of certain major tools that help to characterize a set of data according to their different properties. The different types of descriptive statistics are-

  1. Measures of frequency
  2. Measures of dispersion or variation
  3. Measures central tendency
  4. Measures of position

Inferential statisticsĀ­

Inferential statistics involves the most important step of drawing an inference of an analyzed procedure using descriptive statistics. The methods required for conducting inferential statistics are-

  1. Testing of hypothesis
  2. Sample
  3. Regression
  4. Analysis of principal components

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