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What is Earthquake?

In layman’s word, an earthquake can be defined as a natural calamity where there is a movement of the earth’s surface. This movement is caused by the release of the heat or the energy from within the surface which creates waves. In technical terms, these waves are known as seismic waves, and the size or the frequency of these waves differs, depending on various factors. Earthquake can also be termed as quake, tremor or temblor.

Types of Earthquake

  • Tectonic Earthquake: an earthquake can be said as tectonic earthquake when the waves are caused due to breaking of the earth’s crust. This movement or waves causes physical and chemical changes on the rocks.
  • Volcanic Earthquake: when tectonic earthquake occurs, it may result in the movement or the breakage of the rocks, which can create a volcanic eruption.
  • Collapse Earthquake: there are some types of earthquakes which are small in size, but are caused in the mine, underneath the surface of the earth. These types of earthquakes are known as collapsed earthquakes and are caused by the explosion of the rock on the surface.
  • Explosion Earthquake: explosion earthquake can be defined as the waves which are caused by the explosion of any kind of nuclear devices, where, excess amount of nuclear energy is released under the surface.

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