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A company’s decision related to dividend is what influences its valuation. This is an aspect that an Economics student will definitely understand and as this topic is no doubt tough. In order to give rest to the tiring minds of students like you, we at helpmeinhomework.com are offering students with exceptionally designed Walters Model Relevant homework help. Here is an idea about this topic that our experts in this help manual provide.

Explaining Walters’s model

This model has been created by Professor James E. Walter to explain there levance of dividend that bears share prices of any firm.Valuations of those firms are less that pays fewer dividends. The same is in case of those organisations too, whose dividend payment is high, making their valuations also high. With the help of Walter’s theory, you can get to understand all about it mathematically.

Implications associated with this model

It is via Walters Model Relevant assignment help that you can know the relationship between cost of capital andreturn on investments. The latter can also be stated as an internal rate of return. This relationship can be denoted via cost (denoted by K) and returns (denoted by r).

  1. When ‘r’ is equivalent to ‘K’, there is no effect ona company’s valuation and its dividend policy.
  2. In case value of ‘r’ is less than ‘K’, it becomes mandatory for a company to pay its dividends to shareholders. In this case, 100% is payout ratio.
  3. When value of ‘r’ is more than ‘K’, earnings are retained by company For higher profit, they can go for reinvestment.

Formulation associated with it

For calculating market priced for individual shares, there is a specific formula that Walter’s Model depicts. The price is represented as P and formula as:

P = D÷ k + [r x (E-D)÷K] ÷K

  • Here K is a company’s cost of capital
  • E is firm’s earnings per share
  • r is that company’s internal rate of return
  • D is firm’s dividend per share

Limitations that this model explains

There are certain limitations that you can understand clearly when studying with our Walters Model Relevant homework help manual. Some of those include:

  • Compounding investing policy with dividend policy is something that you will find in Walter’s Model. According to Prof. Walter, when it comes to financial investment, there should not be any involvement of external source. In this case, funds that are considered to be used should be only from retained earnings.
  • As there is risk involved in business, there isn’t any consistency in capital cost.

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