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Econometrics is a collection of methods comprising statistical tools, mathematics that is applied to arrive at a conclusive report for data based empirical evidences. The applications find way in game theory assignment, micro economics, macroeconomics, management economics & international trade theories. Econometrics is advanced study of economics that encompasses study of binary choice co integration&dynamic data panel models.

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Challenges faced by students with econometrics homework help

There exist a pool of data that is put to use in developing & solving problems related to various economic & financial strategies. Certain common problems faced by students of econometrics are as follows:

  • Measurement, accuracy & disparity of data;

With several definition attached to a variable, measurement of many variables become contradictory & confusing

  • Missing, unreliable & insufficient data;

Unavailability of time series data can undermine the economic research associated with the model & in the given situation, secondary data is banked upon to arrive at a conclusive report

  • Nominal vs real values is a persistent problem faced by all students of econometrics as conversion of nominal values spread over time & space is mandatory to ensure complete accuracy of research

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