Economics: Definition and Need of Assignment Help

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Economics is a broad and devious term. Students easily say they study Economics. But few are aware of the primary meaning of the term. To understand the subject most students avail online Economics homework help.

What is Economics?

  • It is the scientific study of the relation of human choices and utilisation of the resources.
  • It comprises of a wide range of other subjects; mathematics, statistics, finance, etc.
  • The subject Economics are based on the theories and principles.
  • Deals with the market processes and way health are created and utilised.

How the range of Economics varies?

It ranges from tiny to enormous.

It depends on the choice of the study performed by the individual.


  • It is concerned with decision-making of a single unit of an economic system.
  • It is defined as the study of economic decision-making by micro-units.


  • Determination of demand pattern:

The pattern of demand in the economy is determined. The small calculations of an individual or each family determine pattern of the economy of the whole country.

  • Determination of the pattern of supply:

Determining the pattern of each firm in the economy can ascertain the pattern of economy of the entire country.

  • Pricing:

The determinations of the price of the products are necessary for the economic process. If the demand and supply of the products are determined, it helps in determination of allocation of resources.

  • Policies for improvement of resource allocation:

Depending on allocation of resources and price determination, it should be known how choices and judgment are affecting market and products. The prices are to be improved or re-evaluated according to impacts.

  • Solution to the problems of micro-units:

As the study of microeconomics starts with the individual, correction is also facilitated by microeconomics.

Limitations are:

  • Monetary and fiscal policies.
  • Determination of incomes.
  • Business cycles.


  • It is concerned with economic magnitudes relating to economic system as a whole.
  • It considers national income, price level, national output, etc.
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Why students find assignments difficult?

  • The concept of relevant economic topic and a particular area of this topic to focus on.
  • To research and gather suitable economic data/information required for assignments.
  • Applying knowledge and understanding of economic concepts, which are weak or unclear.
  • To produce an economic report this clearly communicates using economics terminologies.

Why do students need to avail online Economics homework help?

  • Class teachings are helpful for many students, but most students remain unattended by professors.
  • All the queries of the students are not answered.
  • Revisions are a must, but students fail for regular revisions due to lack of time.
  • The chief cause is a clouded concept which steals the interest of students.

How is online Economics homework help efficiently?

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