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Economies refer to an area which involves the process of manufacturing, trading, and utilization of the goods and services. The economy applies to everyone who acts as an economic agent in the development and consumption of the products. For example, they can be individuals, businesses or the government.

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What are its Types?

The study of economies and the factors is known as economics. However, in microeconomics, it relates to a particular market and the decisions affecting it. This topic is more explained in economies homework help. The economies are mainly of three types. They are:

  1. Command economies

You can find this kind of economy in the communist states. Here, the central government takes control of the production and distribution of goods. As it is dependent on the core institutions for its economic decisions, it may have an imbalance in the supply and demand.

  1. Free market economies

You can find this type of economy in the democratic states. Here, the individuals, as well as a government institution, can purchase and sell goods in the competitive market freely. Hence, the cost of the products in the market is fair.

  1. Green economies

A green economy makes use of the sustainable and renewable resources for improving the economy of the society. It aims at restoring the balance in the ecosystem by reducing pollution and using alternative resources with the investment of private as well as public firms.


The economy plays a vital role in the growth of the society. The economies homework help also suggests that it helps in increasing and improving the living standard of society. It usually helps a community to makes decisions regarding the proper allocation of its resources. As the demand is more than that of the supply of goods, it is necessary for every society to make decisions correctly. Otherwise, the state will crumble.

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