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Know in detail about Effect of Capital Rationing

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  • Capital rationing 

Capital rationing is an operation of placing limitations on amount of new investments or projects that are undertaken by companies. This is established by imposing higher cost of capital for the investment or by setting ceiling on certain portions of the budget.

Companies can wish to implement capital rationing in the situations where the historical returns of investments were lower than expectancy.

  • Types of capital rationing 

Hard capital rationing– This rationing occurs when the company has problems raising the additional funds, either with the help of equity or debt. The rationing hikes from external requirement need to reduce the spending and can lead to reduction of capital to finance coming projects.

Soft capital rationing– This rationing comes about because of the internal policies of the company. A fiscally traditionalist company, may possess a high require return on capital to accept a project. Hence, Self-imposing own capital rationing.

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Effects of capital rationing 

Capital rationing is a prevalent case in companies. There are few positive and negative effects-

  • Positive effects 

Budget- Capital rationing accomplishes a strict sense of budgeting

Refrains wastage

Fewer projects- it ensures that company opt for lesser number of projects

Higher returns

More stability

  • Negative effects 

Limits the cost of capital

UN- maximizing value

Smaller projects

Intermediate cash flows

Although the capital rationing possesses some negative impacts, it is still used widely in making choice of investment projects. A company should decide on the following capital rationing after analyzing the implications in detail.

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